Selenium 3

Selenium 3

 Fri 24th Jun 11:30 AM - Sat 25th Jun '16 3:30 PM

 Location: Chancery Pavilion, #135, Residency Road, Bangalore

  Julian Harty,   Jyothi Rangaiah

 Bashers: 62 Participants

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The Selenium Conf 2016 India is hosting a Bug Bash. The aim of the bug bash is to have people, who have existing Selenium tests to try running their tests with the new Selenium 3 Beta and report problems and bugs they find here: You can also report other bugs and omissions in the documentation, tutorials, etc.

This Bug Bash will extend beyond 'finding bugs', we are keen to encourage and foster collaborative work where we experiment with creating automated test suites for selenium. The conference has attracted several hundred passionate individuals; many have significant experience with the Selenium test automation framework. We also have several software testing gurus who are participating in the Bug Bash and available to collaborate with the test automation to enhance the potency of the automated tests.

Participants can work individually and in groups.

Suggested approaches include:

  • Run your existing Selenium Tests against Selenium 3 build and report any issues.
  • Implementing automated tests for reporting bugs.
  • Reviewing and enhancing current open bugs from so they are easier to understand and fix

To enrich the overall experience, we have invited a few exploratory testing experts to the conference to help the participants of the Bug Bash find interesting bugs and learn some real-world exploratory testing techniques.

We are also pleased to inform you that several core committers of the Selenium project, will be present at the conference to guide the team. They will select the winners.

What would we like you to do?

  • If you want to work on file bugs: Fork this repository, work on your copy of the repository, and send us pull requests when you've got a failing test that is technically a bug.
  • Bonus points: online CI, for instance integrates well with github projects.
  • If you want to report bugs, feature requests, quirks, etc. file them here Before you file please check for known (reported) bugs.


We could select:

  • top 3 participants that report important bugs with the best test automation suite
  • we would also acknowledge the participants who have identified top 10 bugs (if any).


  1. Interested participants (teams/individuals) should register on this site to participate in the bug bash competition.
  2. Julian would kick off the bug bash on June 24th at 10:15 AM (right after Simon's opening keynote)
  3. Team can request help as per their needs from exploratory test experts and few core Se Committee members. Also teams could use the cloud infrastructure from BrowserStack and SauceLabs to setup and run their tests.
  4. Teams have time till June 25th 3:30 PM to submit their test suite and bug reports. Please submit the link to your github repo where you have all the test suite. Integrating your tests with a CI server is an added advantage. For the bug reports, you are expected to share the links to actual accepted bug reports filed on the project site. (As the teams work, the Se Committers will be reviewing and accepting bugs. If need be, they will also be happy to accept fixes.)
  5. The panel will start their review of the test suite and bug reports at 3:30 PM on June 25th.
  6. Right after this, the panel will announce the winners.

Virtual Participation

The bug bash does not require you to be physically present at the conference. If you already have a pass and want to attend the bug bash, that's great. But you can always particiapte remotely. As long as you follow the above process, we should be good.