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Selenium 3

 Fri 24th Jun 11:30 AM - Sat 25th Jun '16 3:30 PM

 Location: Chancery Pavilion, #135, Residency Road, Bangalore

  Julian Harty,   Jyothi Rangaiah

 Bashers: 62 Participants

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Kiwix @ Selenium Conf 14

 Fri 5th Sep 10:15 AM - Sat 6th Sep '14 4:00 PM

 Location: Chancery Pavilion, #135, Residency Road, Bangalore

  Julian Harty,   Naresh Jain

 Bashers: 80 Participants

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As part of the Selenium Conf 2014 organising committee, Naresh Jain was planning to host a bug bash at the conference. The idea was to get the conference participants to help a non-profit organisation by creating a nice test automation suite for them. And we wanted to reward people, who found the most bugs plus those who created the best test suite. During discussions with Julian Harty, he suggested we consider the Kiwix project and also involve some exploratory testing experts. When we proposed this to the Kiwix project, they really liked the idea. Thus began the first bug bash of this nature.

So we organize a bug bash and everyone is happy, but should it stop here?

In the past, when Naresh had tried to hire good quality testers. he always found it hard to do enough online background check for testers. If you think about it, designers have platforms like dribble to showcase their work. Developers, have are platforms like TopCoder or CodeChef where they can showcase their skills. However for testers, there is nothing like this. To some extent, platforms like StackOverflow and GitHub can give you a sense of the tester's skills, but it does not really have a profile/other necessary info in one place.

In the near future, Bug Bash aspires to fill this void by creating a one-stop destination to see the complete profile of a tester. It will also help organisations find a thriving community of testers to test their products.

Please email Naresh, if:

  • you are interested in nominating your open source project for a bug bash or
  • your company is interested in hosting a bug bash or
  • you have ideas or suggestions to improve these bug bashes